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Covid Quarantaine? Working from home?

So if you would like outdoor portraits, studio portraits, or even portraits at your office? During the pandemic I can still shoot portraits for B to B assignments, and only if it's really important. We're both risking to get infected. But with a good preparation a portrait can be done safely., from ...

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It was just a while ago that I had this assignment for an Italian firm. They organised an event in their shop at Louisa (the high class fashion district) and asked me to run around and do street-photography-style fashion shots of their VIP clients.

Every guest received a portrait that was printed on ...

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Risking lifes for a group portrait

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but this was a fun assignment. Though we had to stand in heavy traffic on Rondpoint Schuman (the very heart of the European Area in Brussels) and the art director had to act as an assistant, holding my flash up straight against the heavy winds. In the end a grea...

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This was a nice job, as I may say. The client needed headshots of all coworkers, and maybe a group picture too. After visiting their offices I told them the headshots were no problem, but shooting a large group of 50 people in such a small space with low ceilings could be a problem.

I proposed to sho...

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Leica M9 Well, I dreamed about this the last twenty years. I sold Leicas when I worked in a professional camera-shop, I tried Leicas because of that, as much as I wanted and I even went to Leica Germany, as part of my 'education' as a salesman 20 years ago. But I never saw myself as a Leica-man. And now, fi...
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Politicians leaving Wetstraat 16, housing of the P.M. Yves Leterme, after sudden talks on Prince Laurent.   Stefaan de ClerckJoelle MilquetAnnemie TurtelbaumSteven Vanackere
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You'll have to buy it  at your news-stand, but the New York Times published another photo from the same story. Read the article here. So five of my pics in the Internatial Herald Tribune, on the frontpage in color, inside they made it Black & White, but looks really good! International Herald Tribune uses Dutch photographer in Belgium   one of my pics in the New York Times
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sander de wilde teached at skvr Teaching photography at the SKVR Rotterdam in the Netherlands always was big fun. Getting my students really enthousiastic about all facets of photography was very satisfying, and maybe I'll do it again later. At the grand opening queen Beatrix visited my class of teenagers photographing each other...
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Please all readers of this blog. Would you be so kind and visit the viewbook photostory contest and vote for my series called HEROES. Thanks a lot, Sander
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Do you like my new portfolio ? To enter my photoseries I had to make an account at Viewbook.
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For Nieuwsblad I had to go looking for people in Brussels on this hottest day of summer.
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Again for this brochure for a woningbouwvereniging (social housing) i portrayed this couple in Vlaardingen (Holland)
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Well, this is one of a series of people in their apartments. I did it for a brochure of Renoview, and we even won a prize with it.
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For an interim agency with handicapped people I did a lot of portraits of these coworkers in different working environments. With some great results that were re-used several times. The client just prolonged the copyrights for new brochures.
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Bart de Wever Bart de Wever in de schmink vlak voor de opnames van de zevende dag bij VTM Brussel. Bart de Wever getting ready for one his last tv shows for the elections in Belgium 2010 at VTM studios Brussels. (Assignment for Nieuwsblad/De Standaard)
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