Photographing Barack Obama from up close...

31.03.14 08:43 PM By Sander de Wilde

No, that just wasn't possible. Ok, at the European Commission I could get a few meters from him. Though it was no more than a talking head, I stayed focused on his gestures, smiles, eyes and expressions for the entire press conference, ending up with a nice series of portraits. Probably just like the 50 other photographers in the room. Some of them send there pictures right to their picture editor, who will select the best one and fill in all iptc information.   I don't do that. I am a slow photojournalist. Shooting all this in RAW makes me get home with a lot of footage. With my cup of coffee in one hand I select the best images using Photo Mechanics, and will do a little postproduction in Adobe Lightroom.   From there I also add the precise details in the caption and then I finally can deliver my images to my agency, or I send it directly to the papers and magazines.   Now I need to find a photoeditor who doesn't choose the first or cheapest picture of the event, but an editor looking for a high quality picture of the event, with bright colors and interesting composition. I only get updates of my agency once a month, so it will take about 5 weeks until I know they have sold one picture. And a lot of times really nothing is sold while all agencies have about the same pictures.   at least I end up with some nice pics for my pf.    

Sander de Wilde