Personal Branding portraits

Personal Branding and Corporate portraits can be for your internal magazine, or with an article that you or a journalist is writing. You want to promote your new business in Brussels and worldwide?

So next to a more established head shot, a corporate portrait can be full body, half body or just elaborate head shot, on location or in the studio depending on your business and personality.

The photographer is flexible and can do magic. Outside, on location, with urban environments or EU buildings. 

Inside at your offices, at your favourite art nouveau building or at Gare Midi. We provide you with a portrait that stands out in magazines and shows professionalism and confidence. 

Corporate portraits are more elaborate than the headshot.

 We take more time for posing, light and props, or, when you as a CEO don't have the time, we we will prepare the set for you, at your office, so it won't take up any of you or your co-workers precious time.

These sessions start at €275.- depending on time, location, user license and effort.

(Personal) Branding

Be proud and show who is behind your company, NGO or cause. 

A portrait is an important but pleasant event that can define the entire image of your cause or enterprise. 

And in fact it can be a lot of fun to shoot a professional portrait!