How to choose your portrait photographer in Brussels?

25.06.23 06:16 PM By Sander de Wilde

A professional portrait photographer, what’s that exactly ?

In this digital age, it is all about personal branding

Almost all professions are now affected by there need to present themselves with a best-in-class professional image.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A PRO portrait Photographer?

Golden rule: Look at his/her portfolio and follow your instinct!

If you see a self-proclaimed “professional” portrait photographer… don't go. 

(A 'professional' means a photographer that is experienced ,who knows how to make the best out of every situation. Who handles the model, posing, lighting, background and all circumstances naturally. Who is clear on timing, pricing, post production, insurance, VAT regulations, copyrights, and so on.)

  • If he/she has no portraits to show you in the style you're looking for. ask.
  • If he/she prefers to tell you about photographer’s diplomas + XX years of experience, rather than showing you his most recent photos...don't go
  • Another clue: the best portrait photographers almost never take ID photos. (That's a different business, often done by photography stores at the side)

Note that the quality of a professional shouldn’t be measured on a single photo, but on a selection of photos which must be of constant quality. 

An amateur can take one or even a few beautiful photos “accidentally”. A pro is not allowed to make mistakes: (s)he knows and must deliver impeccable quality photos at each shoot, for each client.


It’s not easy to trust a stranger, especially when it comes to posing. Supporting you with a professional attitude is just as important as demonstrating the photographers' artistic qualities.

Thanks to a clear and precise communication, a professional portrait photographer will know how to reassure you, before, during and after the shoot.

And last but not least, professional photographers are insured. By signing  with them, everyone is protected. Imagine a flash falling onto your head during an undeclared photo shoot…


Your professional portrait is your showcase: on Linkedin and social networks, on your business card, your Outlook, your portfolio, your personal website, your employer’s intranet, etc.

By calling on a professional portrait photographer, you are investing into boosting your confidence and revealing the brightest facets of your personality. It’s up to you to make the right choice while avoiding pitfalls.

In one word, when you’re a pro, you work with a pro.

Sander de Wilde