Birgit Sippel photographed for Metall Zeitung

14.03.14 11:24 PM By Sander de Wilde

Birgit Sippel photographed in Brussels by Sander de Wilde Birgit Sippel photographed in Brussels by Sander de Wilde     It has been almost four months since I last touched my Blog. I know this is not smart whenever you want to collect 'followers' or just readers, but something changed... I was just too busy and/or had other priorities. Life is to good to spend much time behind a screen, and as a photographer I do this already too often.   Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that from my point of view the EU economy is on the rise. The last few months were the busiest of my six years in Brussels, and yes, I'm very happy with that. I have a great set of clients, coming back and bringing in others. And they have great and exciting assignments for me. Like IG metall, who asked me to portray mrs. Sippel ( European Parliament) for a feature. Only problem was there was not a lot of time, it had to be "EU - like" and that morning at 8 o'clock it was damn cold and windy.   Still, with a little help of my wireless flashes and a good dose of humor we made this sympathetic image of her in front of the EP. For her it was only 10 minutes in her busy schedule, for me it was another challenge. IG Metall used it in their Metall Zeitung over the entire page.   I'll show some other 'latest works' later on. Thanks for being patient with me, later, Sander  

Sander de Wilde