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Risking lifes for a group portrait

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but this was a fun assignment. Though we had to stand in heavy traffic on Rondpoint Schuman (the very heart of the European Area in Brussels) and the art director had to act as an assistant, holding my flash up straight against the heavy winds. In the end a grea...

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The Globe Jan Fabre wrapped in plastic Wanneer het kunstwerk The Globe wordt uitgeleend aan een ander museum, wordt het eerst behandeld met stikstof, zodat er geen (levend) ongedierte mee kan.
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Seyed M-Ali Ayazi Koran-onderzoeker aan de Azad universiteit in TeheranUmer Ahmed LLiyasi, president of the All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques, New Delhi, 2011-05-05,Belgium, Brussels, rue du Parnasse 19; is de International Council for Inter-Relgious Cooperation. Deze organisatie, gecoordineert door Ruben Menezes in Brussel en Geneve, brengt het katholieke, Joodse en Ismlamitische geloof bij elkaar en richtte gisteren de IIO op, de Interna...
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anti-nosmoking-laws protests in BrusselsVandaag op eigen houtje maar weer eens een demonstratie gefotografeerd. Zo'n 300 kroegtijgers, meest Vlaams demonstreerden tegen het rookverbod in hun cafés. anti-nosmoking-laws protests in Brusselsanti-nosmoking-laws protests in Brusselsanti-nosmoking-laws protests in Brusselsanti-nosmoking-laws protests in Brusselsanti-nosmoking-laws protests in Brusselsanti-nosmoking-laws protests in BrusselsAll images for sale at Image Desk or at Sander de Wilde
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Brussels photographers united To focus only on stories and portraits, I just started, to seperate different skills into different alter-ego's. Tell me, is this clear and funny, or totally stupid nonsense ?
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This morning I thought, let's visit the Lybian Embassy, maybe there I'll find demonstrating Lybians or some news in action. Helas, just a fenced building at a beautiful location, with a swimming pool in its garden. Well, I've put it in my archive on People getting in at 9 o'  clo...
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Man lives in phonebooth, even at minus 7 degrees Celsius, Brussels. man in phoneboothman living in phonebooth at -7 degrees
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man lives in phonebooth with -7 Celsius

BRUSSEL - Ook bij zeven graden onder nul slaapt Marc 42 in zijn telefooncel op de Brusselse Oude Graanmarkt. Hoewel mobiele ploegen van daklozencentra hem een slaapplaats aanboden, blijft hij koppig waar hij is. via Het Nieuwsblad - Marc slaapt in telefooncel bij min zeven.   Man stays in phon...
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Lily Leblanc original carte postale de Bruxelles   When I bought this card 15 years ago, I never knew I would be going to live in Brussels. Nowadays I pass by theatre 'de Munt' every week. The place where you'll find great operas, and where the famous opera was held, that made the Belgians seperate from the Netherlands.    
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cheap shabby hotelrooms in Brussels for asylumseekers. A cheap shabby hotelroom is where this couple stayed for seven months now, waiting for their political asylum in Belgium. Official asylum-stays are full since 2009 and a lot of these political refugees stay on the streets, in prisons or temporary asylums, and even in hotels rented for them by Fedas...
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