why a succesful photojournalist starts a commercial business in 360 photography...

01.08.14 08:11 PM By Sander de Wilde

It was a few months ago when one of the biggest online companies in this world contacted me. They asked me if I'd like to be one of their first 360 photographers in Brussels for their next Google Maps Business Views photography project. As a journalist I did  feel the crisis, so earning some real money by the side did interest me. And while I didn't know a lot of 360 photography I agreed to step into this new challenge. Now I am running a business where I do panoramic Virtual Tours for the Google Business Program in Belgium. All businesses with a free online Google profile can come to my new website Bizbuzz and make an appointment for a Business View. In a few weeks the interior of their hotel, shop, office, or venue can be online for the entire world. In New York this is common for all businesses, but in Europe the project just started up. That is also why some of you already some some new 3D projects. I intend to use the technique also in journalistic ways. Journalism is becoming more and more an -experience business- so I will be trying to sell journalistic slideshow and QVR movies to online media in the near future. Google Views is the platform for this. For more info, just comment please or fill in the form.

Sander de Wilde

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