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Roger LukakuWamberto and father and son LukakuWamberto Wamberto and Roger and Romelu Lukaku promote sos Brasil
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Carnaval de Binche

Carnaval van Binche

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handtekeningen uitdelen For dutch newspaper De Pers I did this bike ralley through the flatfields of Flanders. The story was about religion and Belgians and their love fore biking. These images can be obtained at the Imagedesk. knipsel uit De Pers 2011 28 februari
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A couple of students started a facebook group to organise a protestmarch, to finally get a new gouvernment in Belgium. The demonstration wat a big succes with more then 30.000 people. Shame: No Governement, Great Country-betoging.
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Lode Vereeck en Jean-Marie DedeckerJean-Marie Dedecker of ultra right wing Belgian party LDD Ultra right-wing political Flemish party(Belgium) with Jean-Marie Dedecker , wants a referendum about splitting up Belgium, said Lode Vereecke at their newyears-drink on 22 january 2011.
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Pressphotographers, photojournalist normally share 50% of their sales with the agency they work for. Imagedesk is an initiative of two Belgian photographers who started a database with their and others pictures, to be shared by the photographers themselves. Here the photographer gets 90% of their s...
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Elio di Rupo as a guest of the royalsElio di Rupo, Socialist Party PS Belgium.
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For my photography agency Reporters I did the Ice Sculpture festival in Bruges. Difficult to photograph ice and let it be ice/glass, but it worked out great.
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cheap shabby hotelrooms in Brussels for asylumseekers. A cheap shabby hotelroom is where this couple stayed for seven months now, waiting for their political asylum in Belgium. Official asylum-stays are full since 2009 and a lot of these political refugees stay on the streets, in prisons or temporary asylums, and even in hotels rented for them by Fedas...
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Seeking Asylum in Belgium, BrusselsAsylumseekers woken up at North-station BrusselsSeven months in a hotel, waiting for your asylumprocedure in Brussels, that's no fun.
For a Dutch newspaper I made this portrait of a couple of Kosovo, waiting for their political asylum-case to be decided. They stayed in this hotel for the last 7 months already. De Pers is one of three free newspapers handed out in all public transport in Holland, every day. Th...
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Naar aanleiding van de nieuwe fase in de politieke impasse nemen meer dan tweehonderd Vlaamse artiesten, academici en journalisten stelling tegen het enge Vlaams-nationalisme. Ze pleiten ervoor om meertaligheid te omarmen in plaats van ze te verwerpen. \ via - Kunstenaars over de i...
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Sorry, no posts for a few days, but only because I just was very busy Doing an assignment at the European Committee I ran into some journalism: Greenpeace blocking the entrance!   Greenpeace blocks European Parliament with nuclear waste.   These images are copyrightprotected. For any use contact agency REPORTERS
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Several times i shot Didier, but these images were never used. Why not put them on my blog? Didier Reynders laughsDidier Reynders MRDidier ReyndersDidier ReyndersDidier Reynders
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Annemie Turtelbaum Some shots on the go of this strong Belgian politician, Annemie Turtelbaum. Annemie TurtelbaumAnnemie Turtelbaum
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For Dutch newspaper De PERS I did a portrait of Yves Pétry, over here in Brussels. He was sick at the time, so he doesn't look really fresh. His novel is as hard and cold as the pictures, so they were quite happy with it. Portraitt Yves Petry, Brussel
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On the 21 st of July, Brussels is one great party...At least it tries to. With great Magritte performances (in front of the Magritte museum), but also a lot of military stands, like this jet. And a pregnant mother showing it to her first child...
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