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Brussels photographers united To focus only on stories and portraits, I just started, to seperate different skills into different alter-ego's. Tell me, is this clear and funny, or totally stupid nonsense ?
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Veerhavenconcert Rotterdam  
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I photographed her for my agency, at some prefinal and now she became the new Miss Belgium 2011,

Justine De Jonckheere

And right away there's a Belgian conflict, because again it is a blond, dutch speaking girl from West Flanders. French speaking (dark-haired) Wallon girls feel bad about that. ...
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On Gurushots I get payed to critque other photographers. This week my critique got chosen to be critique of the week. It's about a nice black & white picture from Paris. Gurushots
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Mario Moretti Polegato is the boss of the Italian shoebrand: GEOX. This portrait was just before an interview. Outside protesting Europeans, inside 3 bodyguards, journalist, translator, and many more. It's a pity, you can see the tension. That's why I always try to send all viewers, all public, and ...
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Do you like my new portfolio ? To enter my photoseries I had to make an account at Viewbook.
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Again for this brochure for a woningbouwvereniging (social housing) i portrayed this couple in Vlaardingen (Holland)
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Heelys are sneakers with wheels in it. Isn't it a beautiful futuristic view, everyone on Heelys? I did a fashionshoot with these sneakers with build in wheels. Isn't this also practical for businessmen? I never tried, it looks difficult and dangerous, but they said it isn't. Well, doing the pictures wasn't, and Rotterdam in the rain did...
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Valeri Abisalovitsj Gergiev  opens Gergiev festivalValeri Abisalovitsj Gergiev opens his own festival in the open air, Veerhavenconcert 2009
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rue de treves For the Dutch ministry of Agriculture I photographed these sympathetic coworkers just in front of the European Union Buildings.
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I followed the making and placing of 'de Aardappelmannetjes' of Joost van der Toorn during six months in Zoetermeer.
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brothers Wright These boys rebuilt the first ever known airplane that flew. A project of OOM.
07.07.08 06:32 PM - Comment(s)
Art director Anja de Boer asked me to make a portrait of 4 youngsters for her design of a poster.
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For magzine NL010 we tested all applepies of Rotterdam. Great work but an unhealthy assignment.
24.06.08 03:39 AM - Comment(s)
cheering kidscheeringkids supporting their team in Leiden This assignment for OOM (Metalsector Holland) was ment to enthousiasm kids about working with metal. They had to build their own bikes and race on it against eachother. I'd say it became I very strong mysterious series on these kids, and so said the client.
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two girls with painted faces In Amsterdam I did this reportage in de Baarsjes about a party organised by the local gouvernment.
11.06.08 04:35 AM - Comment(s)
For a technical magazine I made this portrait of a scientist and his Robot-Cat. (Philips Eindhoven)
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corporate portraits Portrait of this ceo of a social housing company in Rotterdam.
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Donkervoort cars When I just started photography, I did automotive photography for Donkervoort (Dutch sportscars) with my Cambo 4x5" camera. I love to do Polaroid 45, with instant negatives, developed on the spot!
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