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Portraits Brussels photographers

I love my dentist

16.08.22 04:10 PM Par Sander de Wilde

Booking form now!

My dentist had this great booking system. You just look up when he has some time for you. You book the time slot et voilá!

You even get a reminder a week for the consult, and an sms the day before. I thought wow! That's so easy, I want to have that too. Easy for customers, and easy for me as a photographer. 

A while I worked with the Facebook scheduler, but not everyone uses Facebook, so now  I found another not too expensive app.

You decide if you want a photography session of 30/45/60 minutes, find open dates and time slots, click click and it's done. 

And yes, I will send a reminder, because a no show is bad for me. Not only for my business (I prepare every shoot, checking lights, background, arranging my home studio) but also mentally. I prepare mentally to every shoot. Portraits take mental energy, but a no show takes even more mental energy. 

So after 2 e-mail reminders, we meet at the reserved date and time, and together we work for great results.

How about trying it right now?

Great teeth deserve a photographer

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