Covid Quarantaine? Working from home?

So if you would like outdoor portraits, studio portraits, or even portraits at your office? During the pandemic I can still shoot portraits for B to B assignments, and only if it's really important. We're both risking to get infected. But with a good preparation a portrait can be done safely., from ...

21.01.21 04:48 PM - Comment(s)
I shot something nice.

Lifestyle portraits for the cover of a magazine

As you csn see I am asked by all sorts of companies to shoot lifestyle like portraits. Here the images were both used on the cover and further on in the magazine. And we had a nice coffee in Brussels during the job!!

13.01.20 09:01 AM - Comment(s)
communie portretten

Here in Belgium these fancy portraits of kids are still very hip and cool, for their communion cards etc.

05.04.19 09:57 AM - Comment(s)
studio light is magic

individual portraits in the studio take more time and effort, but the photographer can really make light settings he could never do anywhere else.

04.04.19 02:55 PM - Comment(s)
Private portrait session on location

Had a great time shooting in the center of Brussels, private portraits for Linkedin and magazine use.

03.04.19 02:54 PM - Comment(s)
family portrait at your home...

I come at your place with my professional light, and shoot an entire session in between formal and casual. Up to you to pick the best ones. Strong compositions and a relaxed atmosphere are my main features..

27.08.18 10:00 AM - Comment(s)
hands on in the studio

These few months I opened up the possibility to clients all over Belgium to come to my studio and have a photoshoot for almost nothing. They won their shoot on vivabid, and have the right to be photographed in the studio for about half an hour and get one download for free.

 All other images can...

25.03.18 10:19 AM - Comment(s)
group photography at your office

After doing official headshots of all co-works all morning, I was asked to do an extra. A group portrait of the crew. But as this wasn't foreseen I really had to improvise, and there was not a lot of room. I just took there conference room, moved the tables around, and hop!  I like the fact tha...

18.12.17 01:05 PM - Comment(s)
Linkedin portraits ready in 48 hours

We had lots of fun shooting my fifth portrait shoot in the new studio. Studio Kunstkot is my new place close to the European Comissision between Schuman and Merode subway stations.

It is a gallery, a studio and we'll do workshops here on photography.

Here I shoot portraits and head shots every week. L...

26.09.16 12:28 PM - Comment(s)
Test shoot

For a client we did a funny group shot. This pic is just a trial, and the real photo you will find in magazines, with some politicians claiming diversity. Hence the bags. I always first shoot with co-worker models, so, when the high profile models/politicians come everything is prepared so we won't ...

06.04.16 01:23 PM - Comment(s)

It was just a while ago that I had this assignment for an Italian firm. They organised an event in their shop at Louisa (the high class fashion district) and asked me to run around and do street-photography-style fashion shots of their VIP clients.

Every guest received a portrait that was printed on ...

07.04.15 11:12 AM - Comment(s)
Risking lifes for a group portrait

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but this was a fun assignment. Though we had to stand in heavy traffic on Rondpoint Schuman (the very heart of the European Area in Brussels) and the art director had to act as an assistant, holding my flash up straight against the heavy winds. In the end a grea...

07.04.15 11:02 AM - Comment(s)

This was a nice job, as I may say. The client needed headshots of all coworkers, and maybe a group picture too. After visiting their offices I told them the headshots were no problem, but shooting a large group of 50 people in such a small space with low ceilings could be a problem.

I proposed to sho...

06.04.15 05:28 PM - Comment(s)
Het beroemde café Belga op het Flageyplein in Elsene, Brussel, heeft nu alleen nog maar blauwe stoeltjes. Fris ! blue chairs at Belga cafe
08.06.11 02:46 AM - Comment(s)
verontwaardigden camperen op Flagey . Deze groep van circa 50 activisten steunt de acties in Spanje tegen de crisis, de overheid en het tekort aan werk.La cinquantaine d'"indignés" qui ont planté leur tente sur le parvis de Saint-Gilles ont décidé de poursuivre leur action. Un a...
08.06.11 02:44 AM - Comment(s)