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portraits Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policyportraits Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy   Made some portraits of Austrian Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, for the Financial Times.
21.03.11 06:28 PM - Comment(s)
Mario Moretti Polegato is the boss of the Italian shoebrand: GEOX. This portrait was just before an interview. Outside protesting Europeans, inside 3 bodyguards, journalist, translator, and many more. It's a pity, you can see the tension. That's why I always try to send all viewers, all public, and ...
18.10.10 09:04 PM - Comment(s)
Again for this brochure for a woningbouwvereniging (social housing) i portrayed this couple in Vlaardingen (Holland)
24.06.10 04:22 AM - Comment(s)
Well, this is one of a series of people in their apartments. I did it for a brochure of Renoview, and we even won a prize with it.
24.06.10 04:01 AM - Comment(s)
For an interim agency with handicapped people I did a lot of portraits of these coworkers in different working environments. With some great results that were re-used several times. The client just prolonged the copyrights for new brochures.
24.06.10 03:43 AM - Comment(s)
Bart de Wever Bart de Wever in de schmink vlak voor de opnames van de zevende dag bij VTM Brussel. Bart de Wever getting ready for one his last tv shows for the elections in Belgium 2010 at VTM studios Brussels. (Assignment for Nieuwsblad/De Standaard)
06.06.10 04:40 AM - Comment(s)
rue de treves For the Dutch ministry of Agriculture I photographed these sympathetic coworkers just in front of the European Union Buildings.
24.06.09 04:23 AM - Comment(s)
A private assignment. A family portrait on location, in Black and White. familyportrait
24.06.09 03:46 AM - Comment(s)
Art director Anja de Boer asked me to make a portrait of 4 youngsters for her design of a poster.
24.06.08 04:26 AM - Comment(s)

Portrait of a female dj at work for NL70DJ on air

24.06.08 03:44 AM - Comment(s)
For magzine NL010 we tested all applepies of Rotterdam. Great work but an unhealthy assignment.
24.06.08 03:39 AM - Comment(s)
two girls with painted faces In Amsterdam I did this reportage in de Baarsjes about a party organised by the local gouvernment.
11.06.08 04:35 AM - Comment(s)
corporate portraits Portrait of this ceo of a social housing company in Rotterdam.
24.06.07 04:31 AM - Comment(s)