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Linkedin portraits ready in 48 hours

We had lots of fun shooting my fifth portrait shoot in the new studio. Studio Kunstkot is my new place close to the European Comissision between Schuman and Merode subway stations.

It is a gallery, a studio and we'll do workshops here on photography.

Here I shoot portraits and head shots every week. L...

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This was a nice job, as I may say. The client needed headshots of all coworkers, and maybe a group picture too. After visiting their offices I told them the headshots were no problem, but shooting a large group of 50 people in such a small space with low ceilings could be a problem.

I proposed to sho...

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cheap shabby hotelrooms in Brussels for asylumseekers. A cheap shabby hotelroom is where this couple stayed for seven months now, waiting for their political asylum in Belgium. Official asylum-stays are full since 2009 and a lot of these political refugees stay on the streets, in prisons or temporary asylums, and even in hotels rented for them by Fedas...
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Freya Van den Bossche
Freya Van den Bossche
Freya van den Bossche was easy to photograph.It's a pity these journals always cut my portraits out of their background. Why bother? De_Standaard_20100929_p14_1339234387Het_Nieuwsblad_20100929_p8_1998158840
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Alexander de Croo Just one day after the collaps of the Belgian government I made these portraits of Alexander de Croo. His deadline was the reason of the government falling down. We did an interview at the headquarters of the open VLD, just next to a beautiful church. I did my best to make this portrait just in fro...
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corporate portraits Portrait of this ceo of a social housing company in Rotterdam.
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