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As a photographer every now and then I may criticize amateur photographers through Gurushots. It's a paid review and takes quite some time and effort, but it's a really nice way to help others, and to build my ego!-)   This week my review became the Critique of the Week. Don't ask me why....
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© Estate of André Kertész All photos copyrighted by the estate of Andre Kertesz. Also many thanks to Michael Meinhardt for helping me edit this text.  Andre Kertesz is one of the greatest photographers who ever lived.
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Can war photography change the world? TrustLaw (blog) The albino boy dressed in filthy, torn clothes leans over, resting one hand on legs so thin they look as if they could snap, the other clutching an empty corned beef tin.
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Yes this is where I work from. Between my livingroom and the kithchen, so everyting at reach! Just a small peek into the private/working live of a photographer. I used to rent a studio but I just love working from home.
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Another photography award. It took a lot of time just uploading your work. It seems the quality of photography nowadays depends of your social network. Yes, I am a loner. I work alone, I photograph alone and I'm not even on Facebook. And I don't have time to share my work, or to upload my work to ev...
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At Photoshelter, an online archive and photographers site, I started a new agency just yesterday. About 50 photographers from Belgium have their archives available on Photoshelter indivdualy, so I thought: Why not put them all together? So whenever your looking for great photography from a Belgia...
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What the Duck cartoon on Credits S0 right. Some people still think credits are a gesture. Sorry, but credits are the first rule of photography, obliged, and they don't pay the bill. CREDITS: Thanks to
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I found this great document to be filled in by photographers themselves. So they can see how prices are nowadays in photographyland. Don't be shocked by some really poor paid images and assignments. Readers and buyers of printed news, now you knows where your money doesn't go!-) And let's praise th...
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These 10 things could be interesting before  asking a photographer to quote your next assignment. LEGO Photographers LEGO Photographers (Photo credit: James M. Turley)

1 Why do I  need a photographer?

Did you really think about why hiring a photographer. What is the purpose of the photography done? I...
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