Why buy a Leica M9 ?

07.06.11 06:51 PM By Sander de Wilde

Leica M9 Well, I dreamed about this the last twenty years. I sold Leicas when I worked in a professional camera-shop, I tried Leicas because of that, as much as I wanted and I even went to Leica Germany, as part of my 'education' as a salesman 20 years ago. But I never saw myself as a Leica-man. And now, finally, I have my own Leica rangefinder. I thought about it the last two years, and now it's here, and I feel totally rejuvenated, wanting to go out and be a reporter/streetphotographer all the time. Finally back to mastering your focuspoint, this viewfinder is breathtaking beautiful to look through. And Lightroom is so happy with it's DNG's. The lens I bought with it  (35/2.0 asph) is the best I ever had... Later on you'll see the results in this blog and in your daily newspaper, I'm sure. http://en.leica-camera.com/home/

Sander de Wilde

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