shooting a Commissioner in B&W

18.03.16 05:47 PM By Sander de Wilde

For the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs I was assigned to photograph EU Commissioner mrs. Margrethe Vestager. It made me really happy because it was the 3rd time I could meet her, and she's just really very sympathetic. She also is one of the rare Commissioners that  decorated her room in a cosy way. This must be the Danish taste for design, but her working room is full of art, great furniture, and a lot of photography books. A really nice place to be, stuffed with nice things, but still very bright, and tidy. If she wasn't a commissioner, I would ask her to do the interior design of my house. Schermafdruk 2016-03-17 11.25.57 spread in the magazine with Margrethe Vestager posing for a portrait. Now my Finnish isn't fluently, but from the interview I discovered that mrs. Vestager has about exactly the same age I do, (5 days younger) which makes me feel even closer to her. -though I only met her these few times, and only for an hour or so, where I am the one photographing, and the journalist does the talking-   However, I was very pleased to find out, when mrs.  Anna-Kaisa Hiltunen, the journalist of the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs, with whom I had a great talk and a latte just before the interview,  sent me the pdf of the magazine, that they choose for the Black and White portraits I sent. Schermafdruk 2016-03-17 11.25.34Schermafdruk 2016-03-17 11.26.25  

Sander de Wilde