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One day before the Finale. These are the three nominees for the Belgian Belfius press award. I'm in there with my topshot series of the famous Brussels' picknick: PickNick the streets.   Angry Brussels' citizens occupied the streets in the center of Brussels almost a year ago. They want Brussel...
13.05.14 07:32 PM - Comment(s)
This series is now nominated for the Belgian Belfius bank photojournalism award 2013. I won this award 2 years ago. Couldn't submit pictures last year but was in the jury, and now, this year I'm nominated again! That's really great news, especially 1 day before my birthday!-)
07.04.14 09:58 PM - Comment(s)
No, that just wasn't possible. Ok, at the European Commission I could get a few meters from him. Though it was no more than a talking head, I stayed focused on his gestures, smiles, eyes and expressions for the entire press conference, ending up with a nice series of portraits. Probably just like th...
31.03.14 08:43 PM - Comment(s)
The media. It surprises me that  Dutch speaking media bring the news on the Belfius Awards only by focusing on themselves only. They all mention the award won by their medium, but will not mention all the winners and sometimes not even the name of the journalist. Belgian national TV is proud of...
24.05.13 07:49 PM - Comment(s)