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Naar aanleiding van de nieuwe fase in de politieke impasse nemen meer dan tweehonderd Vlaamse artiesten, academici en journalisten stelling tegen het enge Vlaams-nationalisme. Ze pleiten ervoor om meertaligheid te omarmen in plaats van ze te verwerpen. \ via - Kunstenaars over de i...
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Several times i shot Didier, but these images were never used. Why not put them on my blog? Didier Reynders laughsDidier Reynders MRDidier ReyndersDidier ReyndersDidier Reynders
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Annemie Turtelbaum Some shots on the go of this strong Belgian politician, Annemie Turtelbaum. Annemie TurtelbaumAnnemie Turtelbaum
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Bart de Wever In the VRT Studios, just the sunday, one week before Belgian elections, Bart de Wever was invited for tv-show 'de Zevende Dag '(The Seventh Day). Right there he was kind a neglected, and no one knew he really was going to win that elections, even more than the polls predicted. I was asked by Nieuws...
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Alexander de Croo Just one day after the collaps of the Belgian government I made these portraits of Alexander de Croo. His deadline was the reason of the government falling down. We did an interview at the headquarters of the open VLD, just next to a beautiful church. I did my best to make this portrait just in fro...
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