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It was just a while ago that I had this assignment for an Italian firm. They organised an event in their shop at Louisa (the high class fashion district) and asked me to run around and do street-photography-style fashion shots of their VIP clients.

Every guest received a portrait that was printed on ...

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Dr. Michelle Loewinger, wife of the American embassor in Brussels, Belgium, Howard W. Gutman ( New York City, 8 juli1956) organised a fashionshow at her residency called : Diplomacy through Fashion Sander shot the entire show and it's visitors for agency Reporters. All images can be obtainted throug...
04.04.11 07:13 PM - Comment(s)
Ok, I want to do serious journalism, but doing Miss Belgium once for my agency Reporters, as I did yesterday, that  isn't that bad. For acquiring of these and many more great images, please contact Reporters.
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I collected all links to rental studios in Brussels. Latest Update 2017. For about 400 euros a day you can rent professional studios, day light, flashlight, assistants, equipment and everything else you need. Studio Kunstkot is a small rental studio near the Park Cinquantenaire. Only 150 ...
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Jelle van dael, Lasgo

Fill-in flash does wonders here. Press-shoot for Jim TV, VTM, Vilvoorde of Jelle van Dael.

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Heelys are sneakers with wheels in it. Isn't it a beautiful futuristic view, everyone on Heelys? I did a fashionshoot with these sneakers with build in wheels. Isn't this also practical for businessmen? I never tried, it looks difficult and dangerous, but they said it isn't. Well, doing the pictures wasn't, and Rotterdam in the rain did...
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