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Only once, something personal. Pictures of my grandfather Albert Janssen, and my great-grandfather Wilhelm Peter Becker-Janssen. I finally got my darkroom back, so I'll be diving back into black and white again. If anyone has clues on this family Becker-Janssen, please contact me. They're one great ...
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It was in that other century that I spotted these sexy katholic sisters/nurses in Lourdes. A hot topic in Belgium nowadays. sexy nurses in Lourdes
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These black and whites a made about twenty years ago. I wasn't educated than, and my b &w negatives were very badly developed. In the darkroom I spent so many hours just to make one reasonable Barytprint of the nurses-picture. Now it's easy to scan and make a much better print of it. Still a ni...
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friends foreverBack in Veendam I did some polaroid 554 shooting with instant black and white negatives. Great product, loved it on the Hasselblad.
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