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This series is now nominated for the Belgian Belfius bank photojournalism award 2013. I won this award 2 years ago. Couldn't submit pictures last year but was in the jury, and now, this year I'm nominated again! That's really great news, especially 1 day before my birthday!-)
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As a photographer every now and then I may criticize amateur photographers through Gurushots. It's a paid review and takes quite some time and effort, but it's a really nice way to help others, and to build my ego!-)   This week my review became the Critique of the Week. Don't ask me why....
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Yes this is where I work from. Between my livingroom and the kithchen, so everyting at reach! Just a small peek into the private/working live of a photographer. I used to rent a studio but I just love working from home.
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These 10 things could be interesting before  asking a photographer to quote your next assignment. LEGO Photographers LEGO Photographers (Photo credit: James M. Turley)

1 Why do I  need a photographer?

Did you really think about why hiring a photographer. What is the purpose of the photography done? I...
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