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I just was ready portraying MP Leterme, when I met these Syrians in their car, on their way to the EC. They gave me a lift, and just then it occured to me they were pro-Assad's regime, waving the Belgian flag. Waving the Syrian flag was forbidden by the police they said... Images for sale. Pro Assad demonstration BrusselsPro Assad demonstration Brussels Pro a...
21.05.11 12:59 AM - Comment(s)
Het Syrisch comite in Belgie voor ondersteuning van de Syrische revolutie organiseerde deze demonstratie voor de Syrische Ambassade te Brussel, om het Syrische volk te steunen. the Syrian committee in Belgium to support the Syrian Revolution Images for sale at the Syrian Embassy Brussels Singing against Assad!
16.04.11 02:46 AM - Comment(s)