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On the 21 st of July, Brussels is one great party...At least it tries to. With great Magritte performances (in front of the Magritte museum), but also a lot of military stands, like this jet. And a pregnant mother showing it to her first child...
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Military parade around the Saint Goedele Cathedral, Brussels Queen Fabiola, Prince Filip and Princess Mathilde bow their heads before leaving the Saint Gudele Cathedral.
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In 1838 on 21st of July, Leopold I was crowned king in Belgium, after throwing the dutch out. Every year on the 21st of July Belgium feasts. Starting with a visit to the Saint Gudele Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches of Brussels. Here, the Royal family and their guests listened to the T...
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Today I encountered these preperations of the annual remembrance of the start of Belgium as an independent state. 21th of Juli was the day King Leopold I was crowned. Or view the entire series in this slideshow.
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