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Well, probably while it is the 'Grote Markt', the center of Brussels, the main tourist attraction, and when future visitors (tourists) check out Brussels online,
they often end up visiting Brussels using Google Maps. Exploring the Grote Markt can be ...
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Belgian tv shows new technique for 360º VR photography Belgian tv shows new sevice for 360º VR photography  

In Belgium your business can be visited by virtual visitors on Google map 24/7 now.

Check out the Journal de RTL TVI Google trained photographers are available in Belgium right now. Un commerçant peut permettre aux utilisateurs de Goog...
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Use  Google Maps Business 3D Photos Program to show your business

In Virtual Reality 3D 360 panoramic pictures that beat video! Now also in Belgium.

Google Expands Google Maps Business Photos Program Google Expands Google Maps Business Photos Program

Just yesterday Google expanded the Google Maps Business Photos program with 7 new European count...

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