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Lode Vereeck en Jean-Marie DedeckerJean-Marie Dedecker of ultra right wing Belgian party LDD Ultra right-wing political Flemish party(Belgium) with Jean-Marie Dedecker , wants a referendum about splitting up Belgium, said Lode Vereecke at their newyears-drink on 22 january 2011.
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I photographed her for my agency, at some prefinal and now she became the new Miss Belgium 2011,

Justine De Jonckheere

And right away there's a Belgian conflict, because again it is a blond, dutch speaking girl from West Flanders. French speaking (dark-haired) Wallon girls feel bad about that. ...
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Portret Kris Peeters While two journalists of Nieuwsblad did an interview with the prime minister Kris Peeters of the flemish Belgians ( about his relationship with the new Dutch Government), I did a photoshoot of him talking.  
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For Dutch newspaper De PERS I did a portrait of Yves Pétry, over here in Brussels. He was sick at the time, so he doesn't look really fresh. His novel is as hard and cold as the pictures, so they were quite happy with it. Portraitt Yves Petry, Brussel
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