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On this website you can have a look at the winners for this year.   As you know I was one of the happy few being nominated but this year it was Yves Herman that won the € 2000 prize money with his series on policemen being covered in foam, put on them by angry firemen.      ...
16.05.14 12:22 AM - Comment(s)
One day before the Finale. These are the three nominees for the Belgian Belfius press award. I'm in there with my topshot series of the famous Brussels' picknick: PickNick the streets.   Angry Brussels' citizens occupied the streets in the center of Brussels almost a year ago. They want Brussel...
13.05.14 07:32 PM - Comment(s)
This series is now nominated for the Belgian Belfius bank photojournalism award 2013. I won this award 2 years ago. Couldn't submit pictures last year but was in the jury, and now, this year I'm nominated again! That's really great news, especially 1 day before my birthday!-)
07.04.14 09:58 PM - Comment(s)
Another photography award. It took a lot of time just uploading your work. It seems the quality of photography nowadays depends of your social network. Yes, I am a loner. I work alone, I photograph alone and I'm not even on Facebook. And I don't have time to share my work, or to upload my work to ev...
17.05.13 04:49 PM - Comment(s)