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Pricing a portrait...

So you are convinced in needing professional portraits?

A professional portrait is an investment in you, yourself, your business and future.

An individual portrait session in our cosy home-studio starts at only € 90.- for one person.

This includes delivery of a visual contact sheet with a large selection of images (20-30) A second person is 50 euros extra. You will get some transparent matte make-up when necessary, around 45 minutes of studio time, different light settings and a change of clothes in our dressing room when you like.

After the shoot you can choose 1 image for download.

Extra downloads can be bought online for 5 euro (low res/ private use) or 10 euro ( high res private use) online.

For commercial use we have commercial pricing.

You can also order prints, t-shirts and other printables as preferred.

Group portraits in Brussels and around

We can shoot groups from 3 to 350 persons,

in a studio or on location.

Prices are based on time, distance usage and level of difficulty, so feel free to demand a quote for this.

A portrait session of the CEO in his office starts at € 275.- We bring the studio to your office, set up our lights and photograph the CEO and all the colleagues for your new website if you like.

For detailed quotes mail us your needs or call us right away.


We trained ourselves to become professional photographers over the last 20 years, so we can 't put prices on something personal and specific like a professional portrait. Depending on your needs we have to use equipment, a studio, transport, make up, etcetera.

Don't be afraid, and just contact us for that free enquiry.

Just call +32(0)495793922 and we'll give you that price in a minute.

PPB photography B-1150 Brussels +32(0)495793922 info@portraitphotographer.brussels
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