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By: Sander de Wilde | April 07, 2015

It was just a while ago that I had this assignment for an Italian firm. They organised an event in their shop at Louisa (the high class fashion district) and asked me to run around and do street-photography-style fashion shots of their VIP clients.

Every guest received a portrait that was printed on the spot.

fitting clothes and being photographed in them

Not every VIP guest wanted to be photographed in their new outfit, but with my 'white collar charm and smile' I could convince most of them that it was a once in a life-time opportunity to get a great portrait by a professional photographer for FREE.

And all of them were quite happily surprised by the results.

By: Sander de Wilde | April 07, 2015

making of on Schuman

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but this was a fun assignment. Though we had to stand in heavy traffic on Rondpoint Schuman (the very heart of the European Area in Brussels) and the art director had to act as an assistant, holding my flash up straight against the heavy winds. In the end a great shot came out, with moving traffic in the background, just as they wanted.

By: Sander de Wilde | April 06, 2015

This was a nice job, as I may say. The client needed headshots of all coworkers, and maybe a group picture too. After visiting their offices I told them the headshots were no problem, but shooting a large group of 50 people in such a small space with low ceilings could be a problem.

I proposed to shoot the individual headshots, and shoot small group pictures in the same room. These groups were manipulated into one long group, but it was to long for the banner, so in the we came up with this image, fitting their homepage. The black and white choice was mine to, so no styling or make up had to be done, and it makes just a great diverse but professional group of consultants, don't you think?

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