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By: Sander de Wilde | April 04, 2020

Now business has ended, and the entire world is in a Quarantaine, I thought why not portray this special moment, families in hard times, in their homes, locked up. 

Here in Brussels I will bike to anyone who wants a portrait on their balcony or in their window. We plan the best time, depending on sun-side etc. and I shoot from the other end of the street. No risk of Covid-19 infection. Back home I work on the images, and the client can check them out 2 days later online, and order prints.  

This way those families in Brussels have 3 uplifting moments. 

  1. Making the appointment (yes Ik already did this as a birthday gift),
  2.  The photography session itself. (yes it's an event, fun for young and old) 
  3. The delivery of the prints a few days later!  

An everlasting memory of these strange Corona times.

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