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By: Sander de Wilde | January 13, 2020

Lifestyle portraits for the cover of a magazine

As you csn see I am asked by all sorts of companies to shoot lifestyle like portraits. Here the images were both used on the cover and further on in the magazine. And we had a nice coffee in Brussels during the job!!

By: Sander de Wilde | December 06, 2015

For this assignment I traveled to Leuven University. This scientist, specialized in sports, gambling, corruption and I don't know what, would wait for me at the university buildings. As I knew the subject I asked him to take a football with him. I traveled by train and took a Blue Bike so we good bike around and look for fitting surroundings. Coming at the university I saw nothing inspiring, except for this green glass entrance to the underground parking. I gave me associations with sports, green lawns, soccer, and fonds, treasures, or whatever. So we decided to just make the portraits there, with a little mobile flashlight, and there it was. The perfect setting!

By: Sander de Wilde | December 06, 2015

For a Dutch humanist magazine I had to portray this writer and philospher at his home. In just a few minutes we had the right atmoshpere and lighting in his cozy study to make formal portraits and laugh a little. In the end this was the best picture.

By: Sander de Wilde | April 07, 2015

It was just a while ago that I had this assignment for an Italian firm. They organised an event in their shop at Louisa (the high class fashion district) and asked me to run around and do street-photography-style fashion shots of their VIP clients.

Every guest received a portrait that was printed on the spot.

fitting clothes and being photographed in them

Not every VIP guest wanted to be photographed in their new outfit, but with my 'white collar charm and smile' I could convince most of them that it was a once in a life-time opportunity to get a great portrait by a professional photographer for FREE.

And all of them were quite happily surprised by the results.

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