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By: Sander de Wilde | April 04, 2020

Now business has ended, and the entire world is in a Quarantaine, I thought why not portray this special moment, families in hard times, in their homes, locked up. 

Here in Brussels I will bike to anyone who wants a portrait on their balcony or in their window. We plan the best time, depending on sun-side etc. and I shoot from the other end of the street. No risk of Covid-19 infection. Back home I work on the images, and the client can check them out 2 days later online, and order prints.  

This way those families in Brussels have 3 uplifting moments. 

  1. Making the appointment (yes Ik already did this as a birthday gift),
  2.  The photography session itself. (yes it's an event, fun for young and old) 
  3. The delivery of the ...

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By: Sander de Wilde | January 13, 2020

Lifestyle portraits for the cover of a magazine

As you csn see I am asked by all sorts of companies to shoot lifestyle like portraits. Here the images were both used on the cover and further on in the magazine. And we had a nice coffee in Brussels during the job!!

By: Sander de Wilde | April 05, 2019

Here in Belgium these fancy portraits of kids are still very hip and cool, for their communion cards etc.

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By: Sander de Wilde | April 04, 2019

individual portraits in the studio take more time and effort, but the photographer can really make light settings he could never do anywhere else.

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By: Sander de Wilde | April 03, 2019

Had a great time shooting in the center of Brussels, private portraits for Linkedin and magazine use.

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By: Sander de Wilde | August 27, 2018

family portrait

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By: Sander de Wilde | March 25, 2018

vivabid portraits
portraits in our studio

These few months I opened up the possibility to clients all over Belgium to come to my studio and have a photoshoot for almost nothing. They won their shoot on vivabid, and have the right to be photographed in the studio for about half an hour and get one download for free.

 All other images can be printed online or bought for download by our client portal.  

A lot of fun for me and the client, and most of them buy the entire session afterwards. 

However, as clients pay nothing or almost nothing in advance,  some of them tend to come late or not at all at their appointment, so I will stop working through this system end of April, and I'll only work for clients paying in advance.

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By: Sander de Wilde | December 18, 2017

After doing official headshots of all co-works all morning, I was asked to do an extra. A group portrait of the crew. But as this wasn't foreseen I really had to improvise, and there was not a lot of room. I just took there conference room, moved the tables around, and hop!  I like the fact that those table fill up the foreground, and of course I posed everyone individually around chairs and on tables. They were very happy, and so am I!

great portrait in a tiny office

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By: Sander de Wilde | September 26, 2016

Linkedin portrait shoot
Linkedin portrait shoot

We had lots of fun shooting my fifth portrait shoot in the new studio. Studio Kunstkot is my new place close to the European Comissision between Schuman and Merode subway stations.

It is a gallery, a studio and we'll do workshops here on photography.

By: Sander de Wilde | April 06, 2016

For a client we did a funny group shot. This pic is just a trial, and the real photo you will find in magazines, with some politicians claiming diversity. Hence the bags. I always first shoot with co-worker models, so, when the high profile models/politicians come everything is prepared so we won't take too much time for photography.

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